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SpinSci provides intuitive collaboration along with contact center solutions and services across a wide range of industries, from healthcare, financial services, manufacturing and technology, to retail, government and more. Agenta Snap and Agenta Cloud, combined with our extensive professional services offerings, empower your staff with insightful and collaborative customer interactions. Inspired by you, our customer, the Agenta suite of products expands upon traditional means of communication…all in simplified user interfaces – when,

where, and how the customer wants it.  SpinSci is a premier member of Cisco’s Solution Partner Program, providing intuitive collaboration and contact center solutions and services across a wide range of industries, from healthcare and financial services, manufacturing and technology, to retail, government and more. We have been in business for 10+ years, and are headquartered in Dallas, Texas, with additional sales in New York and development teams in Canada, China and India.

The SpinSci Team

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Rajit Kumar

Rajit Kumar is the Co-Founder and CEO of SpinSci Technologies LLC, started in 2005. Rajit is a thought leader with a passion to innovate and develop creative solutions in customer collaboration verticals. With this ambition, he developed an organizational culture that allows employees to think outside the box to drive innovation, setting strategic direction for the company’s products and solutions.

Rajit has a very intriguing background, starting up in the Oil and Gas industry after receiving his Masters in Chemical Engineering. Due to the downturn of the Oil industry at the time, Rajit moved into power generation for a brief period working with predictive engineering. Following his experiences, Rajit developed a strong desire to move into the high tech industry, gaining an opportunity to work at a startup software engineer company. In mid 2005, Rajit was looking for new possibilities, decided to start SpinSci. Rajit was unclear where SpinSci would lead to at its initial start until he discovered the opportunities of contact center. In November 2005, Rajit found his first project in contact centers and used the income as seed money to build the company into one of the top, trusted Cisco partners it is today.

Outside of work, Rajit is a fun loving guy, with a passion for golf, music, and beer tasting. He enjoys playing golf on Saturdays, with his lovely twin sons and his daughter. Although he doesn’t have much experience in music, he does enjoying playing (more so learning) guitar. Every Friday, employees bring their own guitars and jam out in the SpinSci office. The only rule… Rajit gets to pick the songs.

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Jason Tepper

Jason is responsible for overall product operations at SpinSci, bringing 20+ years of leadership and strategic business growth and development experience within the fields of enterprise software and media technology.

As a co-founder of Audium Corporation, a New York-based voice technology software company subsequently acquired by Cisco Systems, Jason was responsible for managing and cultivating the company’s partner relationships, leading to the acquisition of Audium in 2006. Additionally, Jason held various roles leading the Audium product development team of software engineers, directing all professional service engagements, and heading efforts across multiple business functions – from Finance and Accounting, to Legal and Human Resources. Following Cisco’s acquisition, Jason was responsible for business development within the Voice Technology Group, building and managing partner relationships and programs for Cisco.

Prior to his work at Audium, Jason led various teams at Accenture (then Andersen Consulting), where he developed and deployed enterprise software implementations for Global 500 companies in the U.S. and abroad.

Jason is passionate about communication, collaboration, technology, and media in an entrepreneurial context. He strives to utilize these passions to bridge geographies, integrate cultures, positively impact communities and foster sharing of experiences in a local setting and with a global reach.

Jason is a member of the Board of Trustees of the Brooklyn Conservatory of Music, having served as treasurer, Finance Committee chair and a member of the Executive Committee, and currently serves on the Marketing Committee. Jason is also a member on the Board of Trustees for the Universal Preservation Hall.

Jason holds a Master of Business Administration from INSEAD and a Bachelor of Science in engineering from Cornell University.

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Kiran Potaraju

Kiran is responsible for Process and Project Management at SpinSci, bringing over 20 years of leadership experience in Pharmaceuticals, Information and Communications systems.

He is an accomplished Manager with a proven track record for selling, Marketing and Business Management, holding an extensive experience of 12 years in Pharmaceutical Sales/ Marketing/ Business Management. He started with SpinSci Technologies doing Project management/ Process Management/ Account Management.

Kiran has excellent experience in managing geographically dispersed teams of size up to 50 and more Engineers, along with managing relationship with the clients/customers. He is responsible for defining the team roles, building teams, and career development of the staff/resources.

Kiran also manages the innovation lab of Cisco (CCIC Lab) based out of Richardson in Texas.

Kiran holds a Bachelor in Pharmaceutical Sciences. Post Graduate Diploma in Computer Sciences. When not working, Kiran enjoys watching movies, Listening to Indian classical music, and most especially time with family and friends.

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Hemnath Prabhakaran

Experienced in scoping, designing, developing, deploying, and supporting business applications and intelligence software solutions on an enterprise-wide scale, Hemnath began his professional career as Network Consultation engineer. With nearly a decade of experience in contact center and unified communications industry, he is passionate about learning new technologies. His current role as head of Service Delivery, encompasses a range of management responsibilities including delivery, support and Cisco practice.

With keen skill in translating business issues into network solutions and the ability to lead project teams to successful completion of every phase, Hemnath is highly regarded for his talents as well as his motivating personality. Hemnath led large scale transformations efforts of leading Enterprise Customers and has a deep knowledge spanning across Financial Services, Insurance, Telecommunications and Health care.

Hemnath holds a Masters of Engineering in Telecommunications from the Royal Melbourne Institute of Technology University, Melbourne, and a Bachelor of Engineering in Electronics and Communication from Anna University. When he’s not working, Hemnath enjoys a good happy hour with friends, as well as being a keen reader of all things technology and history and a lover of Sci-fi films.

The Company We Keep

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