Provide a cohesive patient experience


Agenta Snap for Healthcare is an enterprise extension to the Cisco Contact Center and Cisco Unified Communications offerings, providing users with powerful and seamless integration into a healthcare organization’s EHR system. The patient experience is dramatically improved by placing valuable patient data at the fingertips of healthcare staff, both within the Agenta Snap customizable interface and via Agenta Snap’s intelligent screen pop of an organization’s EHR system.

Agenta Snap assists users in identifying key patient information without extra work or interruption to their existing workflow. This enables healthcare staff to quickly solve patient issues, rather than spending valuable call time searching for the patient’s data.

Key Benefits

  • Enable an enhanced and integrated patient experience
  • Increase productivity and customer satisfaction through patient identification and intent
  • Provide rich, personalized patient information
  • Zero desktop footprint  within existing business workflow
  • Seamless device experience with mobile capabilities

Agenta Snap for Healthcare is available for purchase through

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Engage with your customers anywhere, anytime, and from any device.


Our solutions foster a seamless, cohesive consumer experience.  Retailers can engage with their customers anywhere, anytime, and from any device, while creating more personal connections with them.

Key Benefits

  • Create a personalized consumer experience
  • Manage, synchronize and coordinate customer interactions
  • Access contact controls from one easy-to-access spot on your desktop

Manage a broader range of customer inquiries without the need to increase staff.

Financial Services

In today’s highly competitive Financial Services environment, our solutions can help financial institutions differentiate themselves by enabling an exceptional customer experience.

Key Benefits

  • Provide contact center staff with a 360 degree view of key metrics, financial data, client information and history, and more.
  • Manage a broader range of customer inquiries without the need to increase staff
  • Maximize operational efficiency through workflow automation, leading to lower IT costs and increased productivity.

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