Case Study: Mercy Virtual Nurse on Call

By October 25, 2017Cisco, Healthcare

A Clinical work flow assistance transforming the patient experience and nurse engagement.

               SpinSci helps Healthcare system navigate perfect at Mercy Virtual                                

Mercy Virtual Care Center is transforming health care by creating new care models supported by telehealth teams and technology. Patients no longer have to physically seek out care or entirely reorient their lives to gain access to specialists.

Mercy Virtual Nurse On Call (NOC) puts you directly in touch with Nurses and Registered Nurse for caring and professional health advice around the clock virtually over phone. Nurses facing challenge in providing instant care due to multiple EHR records, Mercy Virtual was looking for an innovative clinical workflow which enhances the productivity and gives a better patient experience.

SpinSci has designed a new healthcare intelligence platform that enables the hospital staff to rapidly connect to the patient calls and identify the call purpose, deliver the exceptional customer experience needed to secure a customer for life.


Our Solution | Agenta Snap™

We have built fast, easy and prompt Nurse On Call system which features to help maximize staff efficiency and improve the overall quality of care offered to patients. Patients calling in are instantly identified by Agenta Snap™ based on their telephone number. Past appointments are pulled from EPIC to establish the context of the patient and then route the call appropriately to either a clinical staff or non-clinical staff. Nurses can easily set the EPIC screen to patient demography, scheduling or snapshot page with a single mouse click. Following features have been enabled:

  • Patients are identified automatically and verified based on the verification criteria defined by operations manager
  • Nurses don’t have to navigate through three EPIC systems to find patient record, instead Agenta Dashboard consolidates patient information into one easy to use interface
  • Nurses are able to make quick decisions based on past patient interactions
  • Built on Cisco UCCE, EPIC 2015 and McKesson Clinical Decision Support System


The Results: Advancing SpinSci Agenta solutions at Mercy Virtual after the launch was extensive. Business metrics/KPI have tremendously improved within weeks from the launch.

Results include:

  • Virtual patient intake increased from 3 patients per hour to 5 patients per hour
  • Staff engagement improved showing improvements in overall call handling time
  • Patient experience is more seamless with less time wasted in identification/verification and more time spent in care management.


SpinSci’s Agenta Orchestration service has opened up new opportunities to bridge the gaps in patient work flows.


Download the Case Study (PDF)


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