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Optimizing Agent Communications

With 13 years of experience in Contact Center solutions, SpinSci’s goal is to increase your customer engagement and optimize agent workflows.

SpinSci brings you an innovative Contact Center experience, with a 360° view of the customer record for the Agent embedded within your application. Focusing on improving call center communication and experience, our solution integrates with any EHR & CRM, to pull the relevant customer data for smarter decision making.

Our solutions are compatible with Cisco UCCE & UCCX and Broadsoft Cloud.
Available as On-Prem & Cloud.

Key Benefits

  • Eliminates Disconnected Customer Experiences
  • Easy mapping of  the “customer journey” across multiple channels
  • Lowered Handle Times with Context Management & Automation
  • Improved business metrics with Agent Time Savings

Supporting the full contact center experience, SpinSci offers packaged solutions for contact centers for a quick implementation and adjustment through any vertical.

Easy to use interface for customers to pay by credit card over the phone

Agenta Cloud IVR for Credit Card Payments

Often times customers are faced with obstacles when they are trying to make payments over the phone, such as long hold times waiting for an available agent, or the unavailability of a 24/7 self-service payment system.

Agenta IVR Credit Card Payments is an easy to use and easy to integrate solution that provides 24/7 self-service payment access.  Our solution is PCI-DSS compliant and offers a voice or touch-tone user interface.

Key Benefits

  • Easy and seamless integration
  • PCI-DSS compliant
  • Supports Voice, SMS or email
  • Accepts any CC payment gateways/processors or bank payment ACH
  • Reduces agent operational costs
  • Detailed reporting capability

Easily manage day to day operations of Cisco Contact Center deployments

Agenta Management Portal for Contact Center

Contact Center Management and Operations Portal

Managing and accessing Contact Center systems can be difficult. Especially when multiple systems need to be managed over a wide area, requiring additional administrators to access those systems.

Agenta Management Portal offers a comprehensive web portal user interface to manage multiple IVRs.  Easily manage contact center operations from a single portal.  Assign roles to agents, manage devices, and create custom reports to improve day to day operations.  Our web portal can be accessed from any internet capable device.

Agenta Management Portal has additional modules that can be purchased to widen contact center capabilities:

  • IVR Media Management
  • Outbound Campaign Management
  • Time of Day

Key Benefits

  • Easily manage CVP IVR applications
  • Manage Finesse gadget deployments
  • Rapid configurational changes
  • Easy configuration, eliminating the need for IT
  • Exponential cost savings

Simplifies media management for efficient operations at a granular level

IVR Media Management

Cloud Based Media Management

Ability to update and manage IVR audio prompts from Agenta Web Portal.  Disperse updates to multiple locations and multiple devices.  Assign roles and administrative access to different agents based upon location.

Key Benefits

  • Easy to view and update any media in GEO
  • Dynamic reporting capability
  • Dispersed media servers
  • Ability to schedule media updates on pre-defined events
  • Role-based admin capabilities to add or remove media servers
  • Bulk upload feature with support for both corporate and branch locations

Easy, intuitive and efficient way to creating proactive campaign.

Outbound Campaign Management

Cloud Based Outbound Campaign Management

Managing and creating outbound dialing campaigns can be an arduous task, especially when a wide range of customers need to be contacted for various reasons.

SpinSci’s Outbound Campaign Management is a proactive solution to create outbound campaigns and engage customers.

Our outbound dialer is compliant with government laws and regulations (TCPA, HIPAA and the National Do Not Call Registry).

An extensive, easy to use, customizable reporting platform reports success and failure rates (as well as other metrics) to help improve your campaigns.

Key Benefits

  • Easy to view and update any media in GEO
  • Dynamic reporting capability
  • Dispersed media servers
  • Ability to schedule media updates on pre-defined events
  • Role-based admin capabilities to add or remove media servers
  • Bulk upload feature with support for both corporate and branch locations

Efficiently manage IVR and Call Routing within Cisco Contact Center

Time of Day

Based Routing for Contact Centers

Previous methods of accessing and managing Contact Center’s opening and closing times were dated and inefficient, especially when time updates were required to be managed for several locations.

Agenta Web Portal’s Time of Day provides a productive method of administrative management of Contact Center’s opening and closing times.

Systems are easily accessed to change for specific conditions such as holidays or emergency closures.  Opening and Closing times can be auto-scheduled.

Key Benefits

  • Easily update Contact Center Opening/Closing hours
  • Audit trails notifies IT management of changes and closing times
  • Easily integrates into current Contact Center
  • Apply holiday rules and pre defined events
  • Accessible with any internet capable device

AI agent understands and responds to employee questions

Employee Assist

One Stop Need for All Employee Engagement

Employee requests for Human Resource related questions can be a time-consuming process. Access to HR agents can be frustrating due to the availability of these agents.

Employee Assist provides a cloud-based solution that utilizes an A.I. agent to provide answers to employee HR related questions.  Employee Assist can be accessed by employees either through IVR, persistent chat, SMS or email.

Employee Assist can also be used as a method for non-exempt employees to punch in and out their work time.

Key Benefits

  • Supports Chat, SMS, Email or Voice
  • Use of AI for first level triage
  • Call deflection contained within IVR
  • Easy integration with enterprise application
  • Natural Language processing for employee queries

Easy to use self-service solution for Password Reset

Password Reset

Nearly 40% of calls to IT help desk agents are for employee password resets. This decreases both IT help desk agents and employee time efficiency.

SpinSci offers an efficient self-service Password Reset solution for IVR.  Our IVR solution supports both touch tone and voice interaction.  Easy to deploy into contact centers and compatible access to corporate employee databases to ensure secure authentication of employees.

Key Benefits

  • Password reset through IVR
  • Subscription-based pricing
  • Detailed reporting generated with every call to ensure security
  • Reporting platform provided KPI statistics to IT and Operations Management
  • Optional SMS texts for temporary passwords
  • Reduce per Agent Costs

Secured payment masking for Credit Card payment through Contact Center

PCI Fraud Prevention

DTMF Masking Solution for Call Centers

There are inherent risks when sharing credit card information over the phone to contact centers. Legacy systems do not have an employed method of protection to prevent leakage.

SpinSci’s PCI Fraud Prevention is a valuable IVR solution that masks DTMF keys and creates a silent conference when customers are entering their payment method information over the phone.

Credit card information is tokenized and sent to agent’s desktop sessions providing extra security.  Our solution supports various payment gateways.

Key Benefits

  • Integrates with Cisco UCCE & UCCX
  • Ensured security by masking DTMF on Agent lines
  • Credit card details are tokenized before it is accessible to any systems
  • Integrates into a variety of Payment gateways
  • Auto-process payments
  • Rapid deployment with little customization needed

Easy option for customers to receive a scheduled call back at their convenience

Scheduled Call Back

Often times, when customers call contact centers they experience long hold times due to crowded call queues.  This can drastically reduce customer satisfaction. Especially when a callback option isn’t presented.

Scheduled Call Back is an integrated solution to either Cloud-Based or On-Prem, providing customers with call back options based upon the customer’s choice of date, time, or next agent availability.

Our solution improves call center workflows while improving customer satisfaction.

Key Benefits

  • Improves Contact Center call flow
  • Eliminates customer hold times
  • Improves call abandonment rates due to customers not having to wait during high call center activity
  • Easily integrated into CRM
  • Reduces agent costs due to an increased workflow efficiency
  • Detailed reporting generated to analyze and help improve customer service
  • Application can auto call customers based on agent availability

Visual interface for Contact Center agent to view, choose and manage calls in queue

Visual Q

A Visual Interface to Manage Call Queues

Visual Q is an easy to use visual interface that allows contact center agents to cherry pick high priority calls or manage their call queues.

During times of high call volumes, agents that have multi-roles/skills can assist other agents by placing these calls into their call queue.

Visual Q interfaces with CRM backend supplying agents’ information on the customers, allowing them to proactively engage with the customer.

Key Benefits

  • Efficient routing of calls in the queue
  • Allows agents to identify the caller in queue
  • Multi-line functionality into the ACD allowing handling of several callers
  • Increased sales with High Valued customer prioritization
  • Increased agent productivity with capability to handle multiple calls
  • Heightened customer satisfaction

Flexible solution to increase caller completion rates of post call surveys

Voice of Customer

Agenta Cloud Post Call Voice Survey Solution

Post-call surveys typically have a low completion rate. This can be due to the difficulties of the survey or the customer not having the time/need to complete the survey.

Voice of Customer is a post-call survey that offers a convenient method of improving post-call survey completions. This occurs by allowing different methods of engagement for the customer, such as call back options to complete at their choosing. Leaving voice comments during the survey can be captured to be converted from speech to text.  Voice of customer supports surveys over SMS or by touch-tone for additional convenience.  Survey questions can be easily edited and managed.

Key Benefits

  • Easy to administer surveys
  • Simple and on demand changes of survey questions
  • Captures voice comments, eliminating limitations for customer feedback
  • Supports SMS, Voice, Touch-tone
  • Real time reporting
  • Automated email notifications to management when VOC scores are below target