Driving Value through Patient Satisfaction: Transforming Healthcare for Patient Access

Competition between Health Care Organizations is building with ever-increasing intensity. To differentiate from one another and gain a competitive advantage, Health Care Organizations must acknowledge and adopt key value drivers. The days of outcome-based strategies are numbered. No longer can you define health care performance strictly in terms of clinical outcomes alone. Patient satisfaction is becoming the most critical element for value-based outcomes.

Now, as a consumer, competition in healthcare is like music to one’s ears. The demand to prioritize patient satisfaction pushes hospitals and healthcare organizations alike to innovate and improve the quality of the patient’s experience. The mission of every hospital should follow the same standards: deliver dependable AND efficient care.

To support this fast-changing market, SpinSci designed a full solution set to revolve around improving patient experience and satisfaction, leveraging EPIC & Cisco Partnerships.

Focusing on Patient Access Care, SpinSci’s solutions can help solve and simplify communication from the very first patient touch point, through self-service. Whether it be to schedule an appointment or check a statement, patients expect an enhanced experience as soon as they dial in. SpinSci’s solution brought together an optimized experience for not only the patient, but the agent and staff, providing NLU&NLP Self Service IVR with Voice Biometrics, a direct contact center integration with EPIC, and data retention for back/front office transfers.

All of these solutions and processes share one common focus. The Patient. Bettering and personalizing patient experience to increase satisfaction, while doing so in the most efficient manner possible.

On the flipside, SpinSci’s solution for any Healthcare Organization is simple: we allow your existing business applications such as EPIC & Cerner to integrate directly with communication vehicles such as Cisco and BroadSoft CJP. Simply put, this allows for more efficient workflow processes and improved communication with patients through any touchpoint.

Aside from improved patient experience, SpinSci’s solutions benefit organizations through dramatic time savings, patient retention, and improved communication all throughout. Not only that, empirical evidence shows effective communication between clinician-patient improves patient outcomes as well.

Interested in learning more on Automating Patient Self Service? Join our upcoming webinar for a live demo and Q&A with the team.

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