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Grateful By Jerry Amador

Jerry Amador Grandparent’s COVID-19 Vaccine Journey - SpinSci Technologies

Grandparent’s COVID-19 Vaccine Journey in Corpus Christi TX

You’ve heard the phrase “A picture is worth 1000 words” before, and for me this statement couldn’t be anymore true. This is a special photo of my grandparents sitting in line, waiting to take their second round of the Covid-19 Vaccine in Corpus Christi TX. Earlier this year my Grandparents asked me “Do you the think Vaccine will even be developed this year? Are we going to have easy access to it?”. I’m sure those same stressful thoughts ran across the minds of many families, so as you can imagine, the sense to thank every front-line worker, internal staff, and anybody else who has played a role in helping my grandparents receive this vaccine. There has been new sense of peace and gratefulness brought to my family, and for that I will forever be grateful.

After my moments of relief, I began to reflect on how much I’ve learned this year about how difficult it can be for hospitals when it comes to making sure that every patient in their communities can receive this vaccine without major disruptions. I’ve been a part of several conversations with different facilities, and I kept hearing about the same obstacles- long wait times on the phone for incoming patients, not enough agents to handle the influx of phone calls, and worst of all, no call no shows for scheduled appointments that led to wasted vaccines. The SpinSci Technology team listened to these facilities discuss their road blocks and stepped up in major way, by creating a solution that addresses these issues. I feel very fortunate to be a part of an organization that has the potential to help hospitals and facilities across the country deliver millions of vaccines to ordinary people, just like my grandparents.

For LI blog – SpinSci is proud of team members like Jerry Amador. Read about his grandparent’s vaccine journey.

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