Patient Register

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“The COVID pandemic has led to a new normal with masks, social distancing and hand sanitizer…yet patients can’t avoid visits to their healthcare providers. It’s created the need for a safe process for healthcare providers to provide a safe and touchless self-service check-in option for patient, essentially a curb-side check-in.”

Patient Register allows healthcare providers to deliver a safe and “touchless” check-in process for patients with a ”virtual” waiting room. Patient Register:

  • Provides real-time communication with provider team members upon patient arrival
  • Avoids crowded waiting rooms and establishes a “virtual” waiting room in the comfort of the patient’s car
  • Allows patients to complete registration documents and questionnaires from their mobile device
  • Alerts providers of any patients requiring additional safety precautions
  • Reduces the number of physical interactions thus improving overall safety to both patients and providers
  • Integrated Voice Response (IVR) through SMS & innovative chatbot
  • Touchless mobile self-check-in and a virtual waiting room to promote safety
  • Active patient engagement with chat sessions with staff
  • Improved patient experience
  • No 3rd party app required
  • Patient Check-in
  • Patient Registration Documentation
    (i.e.) COVID-19 Questionnaires)
  • Patient Directions and Location Finding/Navigation
  • Integrates with Epic, Cerner and other EHRs
  • Integrates with collaboration tools like Cisco Webex
Patient arrives for clinical encounter at provider location.
Patient informs provider via SMS about arrival from comfort & safety of their vehicle.
Patient is asked for information so provider can begin registration process.
Patient continues to communicate with provider via SMS.
Patient receives notification to enter facility for appointment.