Patient Access Care

Improving Patient Access Centers

Patient Access Journey

Communication is key in Patient Access Care, especially when the goal is to create a better patient experience.

Whether a patient is calling in to schedule an appointment or to check on their billing statement, one of the most critical elements in healthcare is improving patient experience.

SpinSci’s Patient Access Care (PAC) solution improves communication for patients and clinicians to enable Patient Access Centers, providing solutions for both self-service and contact center, with integration to EHRs & CRMs of choice.

We map out the entire journey of a patient to provide an optimized and seamless experience at every touchpoint.


Self Service

  • Cisco Voice Components
  • Google Dialog Flow for Cisco CVP
  • Voice Biometrics
  • Web Portal for Rules Management

Contact Center & Back Office

  • Patient Record Dashboard for a 360-degree view
  • Context Management into EHRs
  • PAC workflow support
  • Robotic Process Automation

Proactive Notifications

  • Voice & SMS Notifications
  • Out of the box reporting
  • Campaign Management interface
  • Real time EHR integration


Scheduling Workflow Solution

Patient Engagement


Time Savings


Agent Optimization


Increasing patient engagement for appointment managements, optimizing agent scheduling workflows, and drastically improving time savings   

  • Patient Self Service scheduling for appointment listing, cancellation and rescheduling
  • Provides contact center agents with a 360 view of patient’s journey, with context management back into EHRs for appointment creation, cancellation, and rescheduling
  • Allows agents and clinicians to retain patient information through transfers to staff for specialty appointment creation
  • Cloud-based outbound notifications for patient appointment reminders & confirmation

Billing Workflow Solution

Patient Satisfaction


Call Containment


On Time Payments


Improving patient engagements through a self service, secured bill pay

  • Patient self service access to billing workflows with secured Credit Card payment processing through DTMF Masking
  • Provides call center agents with a 360 view of billing history, with context management back into EHRs for bill pay and review
  • Retain patient context throughout transfers to departments for specialty statements, payment, and adjustments
  • HIPPA PCI compliant notifications for patient billing reminders & confirmation

Referral Workflow Solution

Referral Related Appts


Referral Outreach Response Rate


Decreasing revenue leakage through an enhanced referral management

  • Provides management of patient referrals with a 360 view from the Contact Center
  • Proactively detects patient referrals and converts them to encounters and appointments from within SpinSci’ dashboard, with context management back into EHRs
  • HIPPA PCI compliant outbound notifications for automated referral reminders

Nurse Triage Line Workflow Solution

Average Handling Time


Productivity Gain


Increase in Time Savings


Personalizing patient interactions with Nurses and other clinical providers

  • Increasing patient satisfaction with better channels for providers to engage upon
  • Empowering nursing staff with relevant patient data upon a call or chat being initiated
  • Nursing staff knows patient’s past encounters, allergies, medical history and at a click of the mouse, can be able to set the context in EHRs allowing a nurse to provide the highest quality of care

Pharmacy Prescription Refill Solution

Screen-Shot-2018-08-09-at-8.04.42-PM-600x400 Patient Access Care

SpinSci offers a simple and easy to deploy EHR certified pharmacy refill solution

  • Web management tool allows for rapid deployment of pharmacy refill
  • IVR application that allows patients to self-service Rx refills
  • Cloud-enabled voice and SMS notification that can be automated within EHRs